Guide For New Managers & Leaders

Guide For New Managers & Leaders : It is common practice to appoint a new department or school manager from the ranks of successful teachers or coaches or, in industry, engineer or other “production” positions. Such appointed persons sometimes have little or no practical management training.

This article can then become an important “gift” for the newly appointed manager. It describes a productive and brain-friendly management practice. A good manager is a good leader.

The basic job of a manager is to help those who report to him succeed in accomplishing their mission. Any manager who simply acts as a “boss and evaluator” does not provide an environment that encourages maximum productivity to his team members.

The most effective managers lead their team members with clear goals and systems, sensitive listening, opportunities to be involved in shaping operations, opportunities for professional growth, and unobtrusive monitoring. The main goal is to provide help to team members when they need it, not to “catch” them when it doesn’t work. Solid leadership behavior is the foundation of good management.

Good managers focus on the basic needs of team members. These basic needs are:

1. Possession, 2. Personal power, 3. Freedom, 4. Pleasure.

Let’s review each one in turn.

Including. Employees can be most productive if they see themselves as valuable team members (departments, divisions, groups).

A leader-manager can support this perception by:

1. Hold regular coordination meetings to keep everyone fully informed and provide opportunities for feedback, planning revisions, and cooperative discussions.

2. Discuss in advance with the team or individual members about possible changes in mission, roles, resources, etc.

3. Willing to feel comfortable to discuss individual ideas or problems.

4. Be willing, where possible, to arrange special working conditions to accommodate the temporary personal problems of each team member (making loyalty … Read more

How to Start Marketing Your Business

How to Start Marketing Your Business : For new business owners, starting a business is often a gift in itself. They love being able to be their own boss, and successfully running and running a business. Often they are happy just to keep the dream alive.

But every business needs to thrive. That doesn’t mean you have to reach a larger market – it means working to increase your target market share. This will keep your business healthy enough to withstand obstacles such as tough economic times.

To keep moving forward, we need to market our business constantly. We need to dedicate a certain percentage of our resources to build our brand and reach our target market. Here are some simple things you can do to help your business grow.

Have a clear picture of your target market.

Find out the types of people who use the products and services you provide and respond to your business philosophy. If you don’t market to the right people, everything is lost.

Research, research, research.

Determine the best way to reach your target market and what they expect from your offering. Study your competitors carefully, and note what they are doing right and wrong.

Choose your marketing channels wisely.

If your target market rarely reads, there’s no point in advertising in magazines. Use what you’ve learned about them to find the best channels for your message, and focus your marketing efforts there.

Give your ad a chance.

Studies show that consumers require repeated exposure to a product before they even consider buying. So don’t be surprised if one running ad doesn’t bring spectacular results. If you’ve done your homework and found the right way to reach your market, run the ad at least two more times before you evaluate the results.

Take advantage Read more